Basic Skills Elena

When I come here, for me English is very hard but with the course I do here in the school I grow in my confidence and my skills.

My name is Elena. I am from Romania and I have been living in England for four years with my husband and two children. It was very difficult at first for me because I did not speak English. When my first child Gabriel started school I always had to have someone next door to help me communicate with the teacher but after a year when the little Valentin started the Reception I learned from the school that they are doing free classes for parents in school. I did a craft courses Story bag and I went on with other courses that were organized in the school. I did things by hand with other parents at craft cours and sold them to raise money that I donated to South Rise Primary School. I learned to trust myself and I met wonderful people. My children are very proud of me. I want to continue with English courses in the future and when I’m ready to be able to find a job.


ESOL Entry 3 Writing

City Lit