Crafts Jamilla

Jamilla wanted to pursue her own passions and have the opportunity to meet like minded people.

Jamilla tells us her story:

The course was called ‘Drawing with Thread’. I originally signed up because I wanted to learn more about embroidery as I have a real passion for sewing and now I am retired I have spare time to do these things. I learnt so much in terms of skills and we were given lots of information on websites, places to go, haberdashery shops, and library connections so that you can continue your projects at home at relatively low costs. As an added bonus I’ve made lots of friends who are like-minded people and we can continue to share our love of the subject.

I enjoyed it so much I’ve come back to complete another course which is called ‘Bargello Embroidery’. It’s very difficult really for me, and the class is divided between two, those who find it easy and those who find it difficult, but the tutor is so supportive that I am sure I will succeed.

I would recommend these courses to other people, because they are free to some including myself as a pensioner, and they run the classes with a no-waste policy which I totally agree with. Plus you are taught how to access cheap resources which is something which really attracts me.

Jamilla Al-Resheed
Course: Drawing with Thread
Trainer: GCDA