Employability Skills Karina

Karina is seeking a career change so that she can both support and be there to care for her children.

Karina tells us her story:

So the course was ‘Interpersonal skills’. Jenny was teaching us everything, and she’s lovely by the way, she has such a nice energy. I was a little bit sceptical at first, because when you hear ‘Interpersonal Skills’, you think you are basically going to learn how to behave with people, which is what you do in your every day life. But no, I actually learnt so much, basically I learnt about behaviours, about emotion, about body language, skills that I thought I had which I did not. This course taught me about how I would have to react in certain sensitive situations and stuff like that. I took the course because I would like to change my career, as I have been in hospitality for 20 years and now I would like something more office job related to be able to cope with my family life. I received a not of ‘nos’ when I applied for jobs so I realised that I needed to take courses to upskill. And when I went to a job fair in Charlton, this is when I met Corinne from the Volunteers Centre Greenwich, and she talked to me about this course and how beneficent it would be for me and she wasn’t wrong. Here I am and I learnt so much and I am really happy that I took the course.

Now that I completed this first course I am actually going to sign up for another course. I was so happy with everything I learned with the first one that, after chatting with Corinne,  she suggested a Customer Service course which will be amazing as will help me a lot with my job search. I am looking for a customer service role which I will be able to do from home and spend more time with my boys and not have to miss working. Being able to always do my work, even from home is going to be life changing. I am hoping that this ‘Customer Service’ course will help me as much as the interpersonal course helped me.

I would definitely recommend everyone to take these courses. The content is so practical and informative, skills that everyone should learn! I really enjoyed coming to the course every week and am so pleased that I have learnt these key skills. Plus, you know when you realise that someone has your back, and they won’t let you down, that they don’t care about how many hours it takes but they are here for you, for your every question – this is actually really important, how supportive they can be here at Greenwich Volunteers Centre. I am actually looking forward to coming back for the next course. 

Karina Salem-Atia
Course: Interpersonal Skills
Trainer: Volunteers Centre Greenwich