ESOL Liubov

Liubov has completed a few language courses and is now progressing to advanced ESOL to get a qualification.

Liubov tells us her story:

Now I am studying an advanced course for English speaking and listening skills. But prior to this, already in this year, I completed two courses in English. When I first arrived in England my vocabulary was very poor. I knew less than 100 words! But now I am so much better.

In the summer I will have an exam for the course I am now. Once I successfully complete this, I will have a certificate for my English. Honestly, if I was to be invited to complete further courses, I would be really happy to do them as I really I believe I will improve my English more. I would recommend these courses, because, in my experience, these courses are brilliant, really brilliant. I feel more confident speaking and understanding English. I can speak with people I don’t know. I can even discuss with the builder repairing my house and ask him to make quotes. And even now, what I could never have imagined, I am working in a bookshop and I absolutely love speaking with customers and colleagues. I’m happy and more confident.

Liubov Tkanova
Course: ESOL Advanced
Trainer: SV Academy