ESOL Robertas

Robertas has live in London for over 9 years but has struggled to find the time and support to learn English before now.

Robertas tells us his story:

I came to England in February 2014 from Bulgaria and worked constantly, 72 hours per week, one day weekend, working for three different agencies, working all hours. I was very tired at the end of work and so didn't have time to learn English. And at my workplace, which was at a factory, I didn't really have time to speak to others and there was limited need to speak English.

Even as a child I wanted to learn English but I wasn't allowed to. I would listen to Radio Luxembourg and listen to all modern music so that I could hear English speaking.

I started this course in February this year, and we study three hours per day, four days per week. It's really great, the teacher is very good and always answers my questions and corrects my sentences and speaking. I really feel I am making progress since nine months ago. Every day I am learning more words and sentences, my vocabulary is increasing, and I can speak to people and new friends I have made here.

I have recommended this course to so many of my friends and other people I meet. Improving English will help them get a job and improve their lives.

I want to learn English so that I can do new things. I feel I can do some many other things in my life and I want a new perspective. I wait to be able to communicate with English speaking people here. There is a Chinese saying that if you work for four years but you don't learn new skills then you are not progressing in life for four years. I want to do more.

I think, give me one more week, and I can be reading the news as a presenter on the BBC!

Robertas Neverauskas
Course: ESOL Speaking and Listening with Maths Entry 1
Trainer: Community Systems