Health & Wellbeing Alicea

Alicea was running her own business but wanted to change career direction and get a start in the social care sector.

Alicea tells us her story:

I was in marketing and I had my own marketing business for a number of years. I found that I really enjoyed helping my clients coaching them through their business, and I was often working directly with the business owners. Part of the job was teaching clients about mindset and personal development so for me there was already some similarities between that style of marketing and helping people in their life.

I had also decided to go and get a nine-to-five structured sort of job role because in the current changing economic world, I need a more reliable income. I would often find myself chasing clients for money – some would pay late – and being a mum with so many outgoings I needed a consistent income where I knew exactly how much I was getting paid and when. So it seemed like a natural fit to work in a sector where I’m actually directly helping people and giving back to the community. I started looking at kind of different industries that might tick those boxes and social care spoke to me, in that way.

I came across UCRA and looked at the courses they offered local to me. I selected the Level 2, Introduction to Adult Social Care and I chose to do the Maths, ICT and Social Care modules. I really enjoyed learning about safe guarding practices and care plans and all aspects of working within the social care industry. The way the course was structured with group sessions, some online learning and some individual learning really suited me and my busy lifestyle. I had time to manage completing my modules and revising for the exams so it was paced very well. Overall I really, really enjoyed the course. It was amazing.

I’ve managed to secure a job because of the Level 2 course so I’m really excited to be starting that very soon. And I have also enrolled on the Level 3 Diploma in adult social care again with UCRA. That’s more of an intense course where I am able to chose my own modules towards the end of the course. I plan to focus on the mental health aspects of social care.

I am confident about being able to work and do my Level 3 Diploma even though it is quite intensive simply because of the style of teaching and the way that UCRA supports students by meeting them where they are at in their lifestyle and their learning as well. Because I gained a lot of support from the team and they know my personal situation, I am confident to go ahead and work and study.

And I’m looking forward to starting my new job.

Alicea Whitney
Course: L2 Cert in preparing to work in Adult Care and L2 in FS Maths and ICT
Trainer: UCRA