Horticulture Juli

The thing I love about these courses is you learn so much from the other students as well as the tutors.

My name is Juli Field, I moved to Greenwich just over 3 years ago.

When I moved, I got a little garden for the first time in my life and was also able to reduce my working hours. I haven’t had much experience of gardening before. So when I found out, at the Royal Greenwich Community Festival in June 2018, that Hadlow College had a horticulture program nearby, I signed up for some of the half day taster courses. The courses are excellent value for money and I have come away with knowledge, practical skills and plants.

I hope to do the introduction day courses at a later date, when I have more free time. I have learned basic garden design and how to plan my beds for the various seasons, to maximise the interest in my little garden throughout the year. I don’t necessarily follow the ‘rules’ of good gardening, but at least I’ve learned what they are!

Courses such as growing edibles and plants for wildlife are extremely interesting and topical, as just a small patch with plants can help and the taste of home grown food is amazing. If I was a bit younger I would love to do the diploma courses and work in the industry. But, I do help run a Gardening Club and can now look the ladies in the eye without feeling like too much of a fraud!!!


Taster – Edible Hanging Baskets

Hadlow College