Languages Helena

I started courses after I had retired from my job which was also in Greenwich.

I had always wanted to do something completely different from my work or my other hobbies and commitments and my first choice was watercolour.

Naturally the idea of attending a course locally was appealing and I thoroughly enjoyed the three years I spent learning this new pleasure.

Our tutor, Victoria Rance, was brilliant. She was always supportive and encouraging to each of us whether with any additional need or not.

She was extremely skilled and experienced as an artist, naturally, and also very knowledgeable and sensitive in the way she shared her knowledge and introduced us to different artists each week who would illustrate her points. The class was always small and friendly and we were encouraged to look at each other’s work and learn from each other as well as from our tutor. The whole enterprise felt fun and very positive. It has helped me to learn some new skills and also to enjoy looking at art in new ways.

This year I have begun to learn Spanish for the first time. I enjoy learning languages and chose Spanish as a contrast to Greek, which I studied at the Hellenic Institute as an adult learner once a week for three years. It was extremely difficult! This class could not be more different: as well as the language being so much easier our tutor is fun, enthusiastic, tolerant, very committed, very organised and well prepared and extremely well informed about The history and culture of Spain as well as its language. Hélène is flexible and will adapt her teaching to the needs of individual learners so the group is always a happy one and very enjoyable.

I suppose the two things I enjoy most about attending courses in Greenwich are very high quality of the teaching and also the inclusive nature of the groups.


Spanish 1

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