Languages Teresa

I was lucky to find this college - excellent teaching, enjoyable atmosphere in the classes and it was the least expensive option that I looked at.

I was fortunate to be told of the existence of this college and its courses by a friend. I was about to sign in for a much more expensive, and less convenient, French course in West London when I discovered that this ‘hidden gem’ was practically on my doorstep. I am now studying both French and Italian here, and I am lucky to have two exceptional language teachers ,both native speakers, who are not only gifted in conveying grammar points in an easily understandable way ( even for gently rusting brains, such as my own ) but also enlivening the lessons with fascinating cultural and historical references. The atmosphere in the lessons is very relaxed and conducive to learning without being worried about making mistakes. An added bonus is the camaraderie that develops in the classroom.

This is my own experience of the Centre, but I know that there are courses to suit many other different interests, talents and practical skills. From my viewpoint as a retired person, the adventure of learning something new or improving and mastering an existing level of expertise is very exciting and life-affirming.


French 3

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