Employability & Work

Apply for a job, gain essential work skills, change your career path.

Ace the Digital Recruitment Process

1 start date(s) from 18th April 2024

A Webinar to support you in understanding and effectively progressing through current digital recruitment processes

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Award in Exploring Occupational Studies for the Workplace

1 start date(s) from 27th February 2024

Understand customer service when dealing with customers.

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Business Start-up Training

2 start date(s) from 30th April 2024

Have you been dreaming of starting your own business? Then you’ve come to the right place!

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Career Confidence

1 start date(s) from 28th May 2024

This course is designed to maximise your competitiveness when applying for work and approaching employers.

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Civil Service Success webinar SWAP

1 start date(s) from 22nd April 2024

Learn practical tips to successfully approach Civil Service Applications

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Construction Upskilling & Cross-Training

2 start date(s) from 27th May 2024

Additional trade skills for learners who want to expand their skills base

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Costing For Business

1 start date(s) from 25th July 2024

Ensure that your business is charging the right amount for its products.

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Digital World - Computer Basics

1 start date(s) from 2nd April 2024

For adults with a learning disability - introducing basic skills such as using the internet, searching, understanding emails and staying safe online

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Employability Skills-Work Experience

1 start date(s) from 15th April 2024

Develop essential skills to prepare you for successful work experiences, including accounting roles.

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Equality & Diversity Workshop

2 start date(s) from 20th March 2024

Understand Equality and Diversity and how they relate to different settings.

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