Health & Wellbeing

Improve your health and well-being through relaxation, mindfulness, or stress management. Overcome hearing loss by learning to lip read.

Belly Dancing for Fitness

Online | 1 start date(s) from 22nd September 2020

Belly dancing is a not only a great way to get fit, it's a lot of fun too.

Culinary Skills

Online | 2 start date(s) from 19th January 2021

This diverse course covers a range of new culinary trends to ensure you are up to date with what is hot and what is not

Health & Safety at Work

| 2 start date(s) from 10th November 2020

To improve safety in the workplace and make learner more competitive in the job market


Online | 1 start date(s) from 24th September 2020

This course allows learners to gain a deeper understand of the role of a mentor and develop the skills needed to become an effective mentor.

Mindfulness to Manage Emotional Responses | ACL | Mindfulness

Online | 3 start date(s) from 23rd September 2020

Mindfulness is a relatively new branch of psychology, primarily used to help a person therapeutically.

Money Mindshift

| 2 start date(s) from 25th September 2019

Money Management, Saving, and Budgeting training, for Successful Living

Stress Busting and Wellbeing

Online | 1 start date(s) from 14th September 2020

Learn relaxation techniques and help reduce stress