Health & Wellbeing

Improve your health and well-being through relaxation, mindfulness, or stress management. Overcome hearing loss by learning to lip read.

Confidence in the Community - getting healthy in Greenwich

1 start date(s) from 23rd May 2024

Developing independent living skills and reducing the need for 1:1 support in the community for people with a learning disability

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How to Garden for Biodiversity

Love gardening, but want to have a more diverse space? Or are you completely new to gardening

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Resilience & Wellbeing Webinar

2 start date(s) from 16th January 2024

The Resilience & Wellbeing course offers practical tips and strategies to maximise wellbeing within self and within your household

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Staying Well: Mind and Wellbeing

1 start date(s) from 24th April 2024

Staying Wellbeing: Mind & Wellbeing supports you to explore mental health, breaking down barriers and openly talk about difficult conversations.

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