Life Skills

Courses that help you improve reading, writing, numeracy, language, digital and family skills to give you more confidence for daily living.

All Sewn Up

2 start date(s) from 3rd May 2022

Learn to use a Sewing Machine

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Basic Cooking Skills

3 start date(s) from 8th March 2022

Bored of the same 3 or 4 meals week in, week out? Looking to brush up on your cooking skills? If so then this is the course for you.

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Challenging Meal times

4 start date(s) from 11th January 2022

This online course, run by a qualified nutritionist, helps parents of fussy eaters find ways to overcome mealtime battles

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Change Management Part 2 Workplace

This course is for people looking to explore the possibilities of working in Change Management

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Customer Excellence Across Cultures

1 start date(s) from 30th May 2022

This engaging and interactive course will raise awareness of misconceptions and biases when serving people from different nationalities or cultures.

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Customer Excellence for People with Disabilities

1 start date(s) from 1st June 2022

This workshope will help you better understand the needs of customers with disabilities and provide excellent customer service to them.

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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Workshop

1 start date(s) from 18th May 2022

A free on line Workshop where you learn how to support those who are deaf or have hearing loss

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ESOL Basics: Learn English Speaking & Listening Skills in Small Friendly Groups

1 start date(s) from 24th May 2022

Learn the basics of the English language

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Essential Digital Skills for Absolute Beginners

1 start date(s) from 25th April 2022

Learn basic digital and online skills

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Essential Digital Skills: Gain a Level 1 Qualification

2 start date(s) from 20th April 2022

Gain a nationally-recognised qualification in digital skills and ICT.

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