Life Skills

Improve reading, writing, numeracy, language, digital and family skills.

ACL - Art History - Post Impressionism to Modernism (Study Group)

2 start date(s) from 10th January 2024

Have you ever wondered about the differences between Expressionism, Symbolism, Romanticism, Fauvism, and all the other ‘isms’ in Art History? If you h

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2 start date(s) from 23rd April 2024

A 5-week course covering everything you need to know about sewing!

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Challenging Meal times

This online course, run by a qualified nutritionist, helps parents of fussy eaters find ways to overcome mealtime battles

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Confidence in the Community - getting healthy in Greenwich

1 start date(s) from 23rd May 2024

Developing independent living skills and reducing the need for 1:1 support in the community for people with a learning disability

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Digital World - Computer Basics

1 start date(s) from 2nd April 2024

For adults with a learning disability - introducing basic skills such as using the internet, searching, understanding emails and staying safe online

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Drawing in a Sketchbook

1 start date(s) from 7th June 2024

Drawing Landscapes

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ESOL Intermediate Intensive Progression

1 start date(s) from 19th February 2024

This is a course designed to help students improve both spoken and written English

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ESOL Pre Entry

4 start date(s) from 19th February 2024

To gain more confidence with the English language and to allow you to function independently in society

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ESOL Speaking & Listening Entry 1

1 start date(s) from 8th April 2024

To improve upon conversational & real life skills, as well as starting to work with correct grammar and sentence structure.

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ESOL Upper Intermediate Advanced (Study Group)

1 start date(s) from 21st February 2024

This course will build your confidence further in spoken and written English

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