Digital World - Computer Basics

What is this course about? Helping to stop digital isolation This course will help to learn about using computers, laptops or smart devices It will help develop skills to use devices And find places locally to use computers What will we do on the course? - Talk and explore all about computers - Take time to practice using a keyboard and mouse - Practice using and searching for things online - Understand how to stay safe What can I expect to achieve? - Understand the difference between a computer, laptop and smart device - Understand what the internet is - Understand how to stay safe online - Be able to use a mouse and keyboard - Find things online using search engines - Find places locally to keep practicing your computer skills - Work on your own personal goals using computers

Course information and options

2nd April 2024 - 9th July 2024
Location: Eltham Centre
Days: Tuesday
Time: 11.00am - 1.00pm
Duration: 12 weeks
Qualification: Non-accredited

Course details and enrolment

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