This creative art course is specific for people with Additional Needs. We will be using a range of art activities such as drawing, painting, making collages and other art forms. We will look at colour ranges and how to mix them and use of different materials. In addition to Art we will be learning some basic life skills, practice communication and numeracy. Some examples of how these are covered are in topics and activities such as: Discussions on healthy eating and looking at healthy recipes; what junk food is and what it does to the body and looking at food types; the importance of personal hygiene and what it is etc. We will also practice our communication skills by carry out word searches and having lots of class discussions on news, general interest etc. We will work on our number skills through activities like telling the time, counting and measuring.

Course information and options

14th September 2023 - 27th June 2024
Location: Greenwich Park Centre
Days: Thursday
Time: 10.00AM - 12.30PM
Duration: 32 weeks
Qualification: Non-accredited

Course details and enrolment

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