Back To YOUR Future II (Follow-up)

Back To YOUR Future II (follow-up to Back To YOUR Future I) you have to complete Back To YOUR Future I to take this course
This intensive course consists of 5 Modules run over 3 mornings
Mod 6 Secrets of Success
How to avoid pitfalls on the way to YOUR Future. Learn from previous projects ah how failure is a learning experience
Mod 7 Streamline your life
Declutter Mentally and Physically. Give yourself time and space to find new opportunities. Deal with unresolved issues so that you can move on
Mod 8 Communication
How are you communicating, face-to-face and on-line. The importance of presentation skills when online.
Mod 9 Every journey…
Every journey starts with a single step. Evaluate your progress since you completed Back To YOUR Future I - First milestone. Hints and tips on how to keep on track, Mentor, Buddy system. Set Boundaries
Mod 10 Back to YOUR Future
Summary of all the modules. Updates on job trends locally and remotely, identify current opportunities and next steps

Course information and options

23rd March 2021 - 25th March 2021
Location: Online
Fee: Free
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Time: 9:30 - 13:00
Duration: 3 mornings
Qualification: N/A
Code: CS2021BTYF203

Course details and enrolment

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