Supply chain fees and charges policy

Sub-Contracting Arrangements

The Royal Borough of Greenwich sub-contracts delivery of Adult and Community Learning through a Framework Agreement.  The Council established the first Employment and Skills Framework in 2011 in order to procure SFA funded Adult and Community Learning and other employment and adult skills provision.  The Employment and Skills Framework sets out the rationale, policy context and detailed arrangements for how the Council works with its sub-contracted providers (including payment terms).

The Framework was set up to give the Council greater flexibility in the procurement of skills and training services. It enables the Council to regularly adapt what it purchases, and from whom it purchases, to reflect the needs of the local economy, businesses and residents. It enables the Council to secure value for money, ensure the high quality of services and more readily change provision to reflect the changing needs of the economy and employers. It also allows the Council to procure through a broader range of specialist providers and align provision with the specialist facilities offered through the Royal Borough’s Skills Centres.

The Employment and Skills Framework sets out the rationale, policy context and detailed arrangements for how the Council works with its sub-contracted providers. All providers who are appointed to the Employment and Skills Framework have signed up to these arrangements and terms and conditions are clearly set out as part of contracts. The policy will be reviewed in the last year of the current Framework Agreement, which expires at the end of August 2024. 

Contract Management

The Council retains a proportion of the GLA/SFA allocation to cover management and administration costs. This covers direct management and administration including staffing costs; a programme of training and development support for contracted providers, partnership working around adult skills; Management Information System to collate and analyse data on performance and quality, publicity, marketing, events and equipment costs.    The M & A contribution is taken as a 20% maximum top slice from the AEB allocation.  There are no charges and fees for sub-contractors. The rest of the GLA/ESFA funding for CL and AS is tendered on an annual basis in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Framework Agreement.  Payment terms are agreed in advance at the beginning of each funding year as part of the sub-contract arrangements.  All providers are aware of the terms and conditions of the funding which they agree to as part of the contracting arrangements. 

Role of the ACL Team

The ACL Team work closely with providers to ensure quality of teaching and learning and align provision to Council’s strategic priorities, the needs of local residents and employers. To do this the team undertakes the following functions: 

  • Strategic direction:  provide overall direction/context/strategic fit  for A&C Learning.
  • Procurement: – rigorous selection of providers for the E&S Framework; annual tendering and through call offs and mini competition to select and contract with providers that best meets the Borough’s needs/ provide value for money.
  • Monitoring:  - regular individual monitoring meetings with sub-contracted providers to discuss performance, quality, delivery, safeguarding issues.
  • Provider Forum Meetings for providers to meet together termly.
  • Audits, learner walks and spot checks  to test policies/ practices or check paper based records.
  • OTLA; team of sessional OTLA staff under take programme of observations to monitor quality of teaching learning and assessment and drive improvements in performance. Moderation of assessment through a peer panel.
  • Finance – checking and payment of invoices, claims and submission of ILR.
  • Data and MIS; collation and analysis of performance data from individual sub-contracted providers, uploading of data to SFA; provision of web based MIS system.
  • Marketing/publicity engagement: –advertising and marketing materials, events and engagement activity, (e.g. Adult Learners Week),  on-line prospectus.
  • Partnership working;  between our sub-contracted providers, the wider Greenwich Learns partnership; learners and employers.
  • SAR and QIP: self-assessment and quality improvement process  
  • Quality Framework and Tool Kit to ensure consistent approach across the programme
  • Training and Capacity Building: programme of facilitated training sessions for sub-contracted providers to build capacity and consistency, share best practice and improve quality.

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Appendix 1 list of subcontractors and funding for 2022/23:

Name of SubcontractorUKPRNContract start dateContract end date Funding paid by GLA/ ESFA  for AEB delivery by subcontractor Funding paid by RBG for AEB delivery by SubcontractorGLA/ESFA funding retained by RBG in relation to each subcontractors AEB delivery 
Community Systems1001076001/08/202231/8/2023£75,000£60,000£15,000
Flower Skills1002702601/08/202231/8/2023£187,297.50£149,838£37,459.50
Greenwich Community Development Association 1005596201/08/202231/8/2023£343,750£275,000£68,750
Global Solutions Services 1003206801/08/202231/8/2023£337,500£270,000£67,500
London South East Colleges (LSEC)1000094801/08/202231/8/2023£592,500£474,000£118,500
Street Vibes Academy1008082501/08/202231/8/2023£87,500£70,000£17,500
The Training Place of Excellence1003240201/08/202231/8/2023£56,250£45,000£11,250
Thera Trust (Unity Works)1008654401/08/202231/8/2023£56,250£45,000£11,250
Uganda Community Relief Association1001103501/08/202231/8/2023£100,000£80,000£20,000
Volunteer Centre Greenwich1000727401/08/202231/8/2023£75,000£60,000£15,000