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GSS UK Ltd are a customer driven Careers Guidance and Training Company who have supported over 1,500 Greenwich residents to gain relevant skills and qualifications in order to enter their chosen career or job role.

GSS work with a diverse range of individuals, each with different needs and requirements. Whether considering your first job; wanting to return to work after a period out of the workplace; looking for a new role following redundancy; or simply considering a change of career, GSS are keen to speak with you to offer guidance on the support and training that is available.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to one of our courses!

It has helped me immensely, it has built my confidence, I now know what my prospective employers expect of me… I really loved the course and I now know that when I apply for a job, I am getting it. I can conquer the world!

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The Career Ladder

The Old Library, Eltham Centre | 2 start dates from 6th August 2018

This course is designed to work with very Job Ready people, who are actively applying for vacancies, and getting interviews

Ace that Interview

Eltham Centre, The Old Library | 3 start dates from 31st August 2018

This 1 day session is designed to equip learners for preparing and presenting themselves well at interview.

Money Mindshift

The Old Library, Eltham Centre | 2 start dates from 13th August 2018

Money Management, Saving, and Budgeting training, for Successful Living

Your Career… 2018 and Beyond!

Eltham Centre, The Old Library | 2 start dates from 22nd August 2018

This course help learners to understand their strengths using an online personality assessments to understand the type of role they would excel in.

Award in Retail Knowledge - NCFE Level 1

Eltham Centre, The Old Library | 2 start dates from 20th August 2018

Exploring Occupations in the retail sector; customer Service; health & safety; stock control and handling; sales

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