Arts Heather

I have been coming here for many years because it’s one of the few places in the whole of London where you can do black and white photography.

There is something enduring about the nature of the hand worked, considered black and white image. Unsurprisingly there is now a growing interest in this medium yet without setting up one’s own dark room, there are very few places in which to learn and to practise it.

Since retiring I’ve taken many courses in Greenwich so I’ve long known about the excellent studio facilities and teaching there. I work with old negatives, those which I’ve kept since student days and also family ones, a few of which go back to the 1920s. Often when enlarge, there are properties within these images which weren’t evident in the original, snap shot sized prints.

When the light is right, I enjoy shooting and then printing new film. It is both thrilling and sometimes maddening seeking the perfect image but ultimately very worthwhile. As a result, it makes one so much more discerning about the work of others. So alongside my other interests, I just want to continue to develop my skills and personal practice.


Black & White Film Photography

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