All course bookings are taken through the course providers’ websites or via our new online enrollment system. Over the coming months we are moving away from a fee based programme and most of the courses will be offered at no cost to you. Each course detail information has a link to take you to the place on the provider’s website where you can book your course.

How much courses cost

In the unlikely event that there is a cost (fee) these costs are calculated by an hourly rate so you will need to calculate the cost using the table below of hourly rates.

Free courses

There are no charges for
• English
• maths
• English for speakers of other languages (ESOL)
• access to employment
• family learning courses
• courses leading to an accredited qualification

• Most General Interest courses will now be offered at no cost

Paid-for hourly costs - different rates

The hourly costs for other courses are:
• Royal Borough resident – £5.55
• Royal Borough resident on means-tested benefit – £1.50
• Greenwich One Card holder – £5 Find out more about the Greenwich One Card
• Residents of other boroughs – £6.80

Example of cost calculation

To show you how to calculate a course cost we have worked out the price here:
Course: Still Life Painting .... for example only
Day: Thursday
Time: 13.30 – 15.30
No of weeks: 6
Costs: 2 hours per day x 1 day per week x 6 weeks x Royal Borough resident rate = £66.60
When working out your costs make sure you apply the right rate to match you.

Courses in this directory are subsidised by the Education & Skills Funding Agency and the Greater London Authority . Not everyone will be eligible to sign up to these courses so you will be asked to provide information to confirm whether or not you qualify when you enrol.