Develop your gardening talent for pleasure or work; wide choice of courses at Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Horticulture Skills Centre.

Introduction to Horticulture - Design your Perfect Garden

| 1 start date(s) from 1st March 2021

No drawing skills required just a creative mind.

Introduction to Horticulture - Food Production in your Garden

| 1 start date(s) from 10th May 2021

This course will teach you all the basic skills you need to grow your own food and vegetables in a garden or outdoor space.

Introduction to Horticulture - Grow your own Fruit & Vegetable

| 1 start date(s) from 19th April 2021

This course will give you basic knowledge while also developing news skills to enable you to grow your own produce.

Introduction to Horticulture - House Plant Culture

| 1 start date(s) from 16th November 2020

Come and learn about the cultivation of plants to provide colour and interest in the home.

Introduction to Horticulture - Patio Gardening

| 1 start date(s) from 26th October 2020

In this informative and hands-on course, you will learn how to decorate your patio, deck or porch.

Introduction to Horticulture - Perfect Summer Pots

| 2 start date(s) from 8th February 2021

Pots and containers offer you an opportunity to make your home and garden more attractive.

Introduction to Horticulture - Plants for free from Propagation

| 1 start date(s) from 7th June 2021

Learn how to propagate plants from stem, root and leaf cuttings in this practical course.

Introduction to Horticulture - Pruning why, when and how

| 1 start date(s) from 15th March 2021

This course covers the pruning regimes for all garden plants.

Introduction to Horticulture - Winter Gardening

| 1 start date(s) from 7th December 2020

Develop cost-effective ways to brighten-up their garden during winter.

Post Lockdown Recovery

Online | 1 start date(s) from 5th November 2020

Aimed at food businesses, this course supports owners & staff to make changes to their business model to adapt to the changing world post Covid-19.