Volunteering is a great way to help others and develop yourself. Get the skills, qualifications and experience you need to volunteer.

A ‘Run the Club’ programme

Long Lane JFC | 3 start date(s) from 8th October 2018

For learners to get a qualification, improve their employability skills and get work experience through volunteering within a local sports club.

Award in Reading to a Child

Woolwich Library, Eltham Centre | 1 start date(s) from 1st March 2019

Build confidence to demonstrate understanding and purpose of illustrations in a book for children.

Introduction to Volunteering

Greenwich Park Centre | 1 start date(s) from 25th April 2019

Get the skills you need to be a volunteer. Learn how to empower individuals and to make use of information to support others move towards their goals

Volunteering in Your Community

Clockhouse Community Centre, Eltham Centre | 2 start date(s) from 8th January 2019

Increase self confidence ,explore skills and qualities