Resilience & Wellbeing Webinar

Resilience is the ability to recover and bounce back from adversity and hardship, feeling stronger and able to cope even under testing times. Due to the current COVID-19 situation many people will be experiencing greater levels of stress, anxiety and uncertainty. We are all having to cope with drastic changes in our lives and this can affect wellbeing, relationships at home, and mental health. The course will cover:
• Understanding the science behind human reactions and responses to change
• The importance of ‘normalisation’ in managing emotional states
• Practical tips on building resilience within yourself
• The importance of connection and supporting others
• Tips and easy-to-apply tools to increase your wellbeing
• Strategies for healthy working at home
• Growing your emotional intelligence to cope with work challenges and stress
• How to manage your mindset to stay motivated and achieve tasks

Course information and options

10th February 2021 - 24th February 2021
Location: Online
Fee: Free
Days: Wednesday
Time: 10.00am - 12.30pm
Duration: 3 weeks
Qualification: N/A

Course details and enrolment

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