Basic Skills

Get better at speaking, listening, reading and writing in English. Improve your maths, computing and digital skills. Qualification courses available.

Around the World Food

1 start date(s) from 12th January 2022

This new and exciting course will get your creative juices flowing and instil passion and motivation to start cooking from scratch.

Basic Cooking Skills

Bored of the same 3 or 4 meals week in, week out? Looking to brush up on your cooking skills? If so then this is the course for you.

Change Management Part 1 Career Change

2 start date(s) from 18th January 2022

Change Management Part 1 will enable participants to identify their strengths and create their own strategy for career change.

CIEH Food Allergen Awareness Level 2

4 start date(s) from 30th November 2021

CIEH (Level 2) Foundation Certificate in Food Allergen Awareness will teach learners about the foods that commonly trigger allergic reactions.

Cook and Eat Well on a Budget

2 start date(s) from 1st March 2022

Are you new to cooking? Are you a student away from home for the first time?

Culinary Knife Skills

3 start date(s) from 21st February 2022

Essential for anyone wanting to improve their knife skills & learn new techniques.

ESOL Basics

1 start date(s) from 17th January 2021

Learn the basics of the English language

Food Safety CIEH Level 2

4 start date(s) from 7th December 2021

Learn essential food safety and safe practices for working with food

Foundation Project Management

2 start date(s) from 14th December 2021

To enable progression in work by exploring the benefits of developing project management skills

Occupational Health CIEH Level 2

3 start date(s) from 14th December 2021

To improve safety in the workplace and make learner more competitive in the job market