Catering & Hospitality

Prepare for work by getting the skills and qualifications industry employers look for like food preparation, food hygiene or customer service.

Cake Decoration - Beginners

Online | 4 start date(s) from 24th September 2020

Impress family and friends with your new cake decoration skills: modelling, icing and other techniques. Use your new skills in the catering business.

Culinary Skills

Online | 2 start date(s) from 19th January 2021

This diverse course covers a range of new culinary trends to ensure you are up to date with what is hot and what is not

Food Safety

Online | 6 start date(s) from 8th September 2020

Learn essential food safety and safe practices for working with food

Health & Safety at Work

| 2 start date(s) from 10th November 2020

To improve safety in the workplace and make learner more competitive in the job market

Inclusive Customer Service

| 2 start date(s) from 20th October 2020

Understand how to deliver customer service for disabled customers.

Knife Skills

Online | 4 start date(s) from 8th October 2020

An essential course for anyone wanting to improve their knife skills & learn new techniques

Post Lockdown Recovery

Online | 3 start date(s) from 24th September 2020

Aimed at food businesses, this course supports owners & staff to make changes to their business model to adapt to the changing world post Covid-19.

Service Across Cultures

| 2 start date(s) from 29th September 2020

To make learners more competitive in the job market through practical knowledge of excellent customer service across cultures

WorldHost 2020

| 9 start date(s) from 13th October 2020

Be more competitive in the job market through improving customer service skills