Catering & Hospitality

Prepare for work by getting the skills and qualifications industry employers look for like food preparation, food hygiene or customer service.

Barista Skills Award

LSEC Greenwich Campus | 3 start date(s) from 7th March 2019

Do you like a cafe latte? Want to become a barista? Gain the knowledge and skills you need to prepare and serve hot and cold drinks in any environment

Culinary Skills Certificate

LSEC Greenwich Campus | 2 start date(s) from 14th January 2019

Culinary Skills for Food Trends

Greenwich Cooperative Development Agency | 2 start date(s) from 19th March 2019

This course will cover gluten free, dairy free, vegan & plant based, reduced sugar menus.

Customers with Disabilities Hospitality & Catering

Work and Learn Centre | 3 start date(s) from 8th October 2018

To make learners more competitive in the hospitality and catering job market through improving service for disabled customers.

Food Safety Award

LSEC Greenwich Campus | 8 start date(s) from 1st October 2018

Do you handle, prepare or serve food for others? Understand your legal responsibilities and best industry practice in food safety and hygiene.  

Food Safety in Catering

The Old Library, Eltham Centre, Work and Learn Centre | 6 start date(s) from 27th July 2018

Learn essential food safety and safe practices for working with food in a catering environment

Food Safety Level 2

Eltham Centre | 3 start date(s) from 22nd November 2018

This course provides effective, efficient and comprehensive food safety training for all types of food business.

Health & Safety at Work

The Old Library | 1 start date(s) from 23rd November 2018

To improve safety in the workplace and make learner more competitive in the hospitality and catering job market

Introduction to Employment in the Hospitality Industry Award

LSEC Greenwich Campus | 3 start date(s) from 1st October 2018

Get an insight into working in the sector. Learn generic skills around customer service, health and safety and the industry itself.

Knife Skills

Greenwich Cooperative Development Agency | 4 start date(s) from 11th March 2019

We will cover: Safe knife handling; Different types of knives and their uses; Knife sharpening; Vegetable cutting techniques and Filleting fish.